Here, on a transient silt-island left behind by the receding Brahmaputra river, the monastery troupes play out narratives from the great Indian epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata. Even the skies are in dramatic mood as a mini-climax, Jatayu's valiant but futile attempt to save Sita, plays itself out.

Dancing with the gods

We embed ourselves in an elusive Hindu monastery and uncover dancing monks who draw on millennia-old epics for their storytelling performances.

The herdsmen light fires to create smoky protection for their animals.

Northeast India: With the water buffalo Photo Gallery

What's on our camera backs today? We're with water buffalo in northeast India, following semi-nomadic herdsmen as they drive their beasts across the terrain, fighting flying pests with fire.

Children caught as they play amongst the bricks at the kiln.

Bengal’s brick kiln kids

In West Bengal, India, a brickyard tour uncovers striking photographs as well as unexpected truths about human motivation and migration.

In Assam, India, delicate colours and hovering river-smoke greet photographers and fishermen at dawn.

Smoke on the water

Assam, India, is so rich with people opportunities that sometimes it's hard to just stop and admire the scenery. We're glad we did.

A Myanmar thanaka vendor models her own wares.

Cheeky cosmetics: Myanmar‘s Thanaka

We take a cheeky look at the distinctively Burmese tradition of thanaka.

In Assam, India, river fowl make their morning commute amidst the delicate colours and hovering river-smoke at dawn.

Majuli waterscapes Photo Gallery

A collection of images and opportunities from the river island of Majuli, in Assam, India.

myanmar photo tours - chin state - photo of tribeswoman

Face to face with the Chin

Myanmar's Chin tribes draw us in for some serious photographic goodies: tattooed tribeswomen with great ink, great stories and photogenic lifestyles.

Faith, hope and photography

In Myanmar, we spend time with residents of an old people's home and leave with new insights — and photographs.

Delhi’s Yamuna – a toxic beauty

A Delhi photo tour takes in the sad state of the holy Yamuna river, and reflects on the unexpectedly positive outlook of many of its riverside dependents.

All aboard the Yangon Circular!

With the Yangon Circular Railway modernising, will we lose the delicious decay of this piece of Myanmar's history?

Tea and tattoos

We stop for a cuppa with the Apatani tribe of Arunachal Pradesh and talk about their fading facial adornment and customs.

Firefall in Phuket

A fire-walk in a Phuket Chinese shrine goes wrong and a Masong celebrant feels the burn.

At the sharp end in Phuket

The ultimate street photography experience unfolds every year on the streets of Phuket, Thailand.

Pushkar Camel Fair photography tour - People and culture photo

Pushkar Camel Fair and Rajasthan Photo Gallery

A collection of images and opportunities from Rajasthan, India, taking in the Pushkar Camel Fair.


Varanasi and Agra – Photo Gallery

A collection of images and opportunities from two iconic Indian destinations.

Thailand – Phuket Vegetarian Festival Photo Gallery

A collection of images from the Phuket Vegetarian Festival, Thailand. Caution! Distressing images.

Fishing with the Mishing

Gone shootin': We join Majuli's Mishing fishermen on a foggy morning and return home with a splendid catch.

A dark and magical place

On a shrinking river island in the Brahmaputra, the dark beauty of the the Vaishnavite monasteries keeps alive a centuries-old tradition of worship.

What’s cooking?

We drop in on one of our favourite Rajasthan villages to meet old friends over supper. Just happened to have our cameras handy…

Shrouded in time

As the ghunghat or veil becomes increasingly criticised across modern India as a vestige of an oppressive past, we look at its bright side.

Medicine man

An amble through a Rajasthan desert hamlet unexpectedly gets us up close and personal with a faith-healer.


The Bahurupi people are the proverbial quick-change folk artists. Ironically, change is catching up with them.

Taches and turbans

A face-to-face photo-romp through Rajasthan, India, where beards, mustaches and turbans are taken mighty seriously.

No country for old men

In Nagaland's deep jungle, we meet warriors who were at the top of their game — until the game changed.

Burma photography tour: monastery section

Myanmar – Monastery life Photo Gallery

A collection of images and opportunities from the monasteries and nunneries of Myanmar.

Burma photography tour: Yangon section

Myanmar – Streets and Markets Photo Gallery

A collection of images and opportunities from the streets and markets of Myanmar.

Burma photography tour: tribal section

Myanmar – Tribal Photo Gallery

A collection of images and opportunities with the tribal groups of Myanmar.

Ladakh photography tour landscape photo

Ladakh in Winter Photo Gallery

A collection of images and opportunities from Ladakh in winter, amidst the Himalayan and Karakoram mountain ranges.

Pushkar Camel Fair photography tour - People and culture photo

Shooting Diwali in Rajasthan

As Pushkar Camel Fair becomes overloaded with photographers, timing is everything…

A woman of the Padaung (long neck) tribe sits contemplatively in her home.

Portraits of Myanmar

A Myanmar photography tour is not just about amazing places. It's also about the stunning faces.

In Gujarat, India, a farmer from the pastoral Ahir tribe poses good-humouredly for an impromptu photograph.

Gujarat encounters: Where I go, my radio goes

In Gujarat, India, we run into a radio-crazy Ahir farmer with a shrewd grasp of world affairs.

Despite being illegal across India, the ancient and bloody sport of cockfighting thrives in villages across the country.

Angry birds: India’s bloody cockfighting business

Revered by many and reviled by others, cockfighting thrives in India.

Before and after each wrestling match, Kushti wrestlers rub a special mix of dirt and other ingredients into their skin.

Paydirt: Shooting India’s Kushti wrestlers

There's photographic gold in India's dirt wrestling tradition – Kushti.

Burma photography tour: inle lake section

Myanmar – Scenics and Classics Photo Gallery

A collection of images from the iconic opportunities of Myanmar.

Ladakh photography tour: landscape photo

Ladakh in Summer Photo Gallery

A collection of images and opportunities from Ladakh in summer, amidst the Himalayan and Karakoram mountain ranges.

Pushkar Camel Fair photography tour - People and culture photo

India’s chai: The cup that cheers

India's roadside tea stalls are an eye-opening experience for photographers and tea-lovers.

Ladakh photography tour: People photo

Ladakh: A study in contrasts

A photograph from our Ladakh photo tour prompts thoughts on contrast, photographic and otherwise.

Burma photography tour: Bagan section

Burma – a changing landscape

Burma's opening-up brings massive change — and some of it means changing opportunities for photographers.

Stubble burning: A farmhand watches over a field of burning stubble in Assam, India.

Five o’clock stubble

A little planning and a lot of luck gives us some shooting fun amidst burning stubble on an Assam tour…

India photography tour: Ramnami

In God’s name: India’s Ramnami

Devotion, defiance and full-body tattoos… the vanishing way of life of this Hindu sect in India.

Holy men on the banks of the Ganges River at Varanasi.

Varanasi: A matter of life and death

Varanasi's photography tour opportunities are extraordinary — and occasionally overwhelming…

Ladakh photography tour: people and culture photo

Visiting old friends in Ladakh

Shoot Director Sridhar reflects on shared moments with an old friend in Ladakh, India.

Burma photography tour: tribal section

The dying art of nose flute playing

In a remote village in Burma's Chin State, we find the art of the nose flute player is alive, but hardly well.

Ladakh winter photography tour: landscape photo

Sub-zero shooting adventures in Ladakh’s winter

It's cold but it's really hot: stunning opportunities on our new Ladakh Winter Photography Tour.

northeast india photography tour: people and culture photo

Bleary-eyed sessions in a Nagaland dope den

We join in with the locals in a rum-and-opium party in Nagaland. High times in low light.

Pushkar Camel Fair photography tour - People and culture photo

Village encounters in deep Rajasthan

On the road to Pushkar Camel Fair, we find a Rajasthan desert hamlet with pleasant photographic surprises on every corner…